Happy Penguin Day

This 14th Feb I will be signing off the morbidly relished affair of guiltily given kinky sex by wives who want to impress the men in their life, bank busting rose collections and three month ago booked diner reservations for the men trying to show their wives that they still love them enough to destroy their credit ratings

Signing it off with a classic Penguin Day celebration, enjoying a night in and admiring the view of my kingdom that I have hard earned, free of the evil shackles of social demands that by this age I be married, with kids and a rubbish credit rating!

Penguin Day you ask?

Well in the artic a host of civilised penguins will be admiring the view of the frozen tundra, every beauty soaked vista view complimented by the clink of martini glasses stylishly branded as they mark the occasion without messily demanded emotional bullshit

Whether in the company of well earned comrades or in the quiet blanket of solitary existence, they will be marking the occasion in style and so will I

So Happy Penguin Day all!

Penguin Day 2

Best potential by the means of ill worth

All that makes me perfect for the adaptation to any crisis

The furthering of kindness and will to make right

Such calm when looking into the face of utmost chaos

Is born of all I resent, hate and that has only one goal…

….my destruction by the fanned flames of who I am;

The best of both sides from the dealings between hell and heaven

And the destroyer of my oh so fragile life

For to possess two sides of perfection

Only works if the keys to their potential are ready to open the lock

And let me be free of fear, hatred and the want to feel worth

Untitled and Condemned

A line of blood on her perfect face, such crafted violence in the slight cut across her cheek
He draws back a fist with slow motion emotion, each rush of crazy a fire streak in his veins
She crafts with words a barbed deflect of something akin to hellish fire, slow injection delivery
The rush of macho instinct conflicts with chivalry and respectful screaming, his fist held back
She projects with force a range of objects, the sharpness and breakability mere secondary concerns
He rushes her with hands to strangle wrists as close to her face he stands, breathe from both like fire on each other’s skin

Loves fire storm meeting in the stormy space between two sets of eyes, glowing as suns in the dark

Love a drug of epic proportions, in every warzone conversation with emotional casualties left strewn

Two willing victims signed up to their passion feeding cause, till death will they stand together

Even if standing together is akin to petrol and flame, explosive purity of feelings a fix they crave

The Award….


There were rumours of awards going around and suspiciously my blog came up, an accident of typing you ask or maybe a quiet bribe of meat-based products could have taken place?
We shall not explore for reasons of not incurring the investigative powers, and the need for more bribes!

But alas there is the excessive paperwork to cover, the time consuming task of copying and pasting the address of the one whom promoted the idea, the government required proofing of the questions asked and the relating answers to said queries and the extendedly taken time of tracking down others who are worthy of the honour:

Who is the insane individual who raised dragged forcible pulled my name squirming from the dark corners of its shadowy existence you ask; that is; https://justbacon.home.blog (any instance of health issues as related to reading this work to be blamed on her)

She is a self-confessed Bacon lover with an axe to grind against the curse of guilty feelings and their negative side-effects, and a blog to educate the unfairly feeling blame ridden on how to avoid such pitfalls.

Now the Questions:

1. Who is someone you really admire?
Anyone who endures more than five seconds of my presence when I try to be ‘social’ without resorting to a need for meds, experiencing suicidal thoughts or the feeling of needing to drink copious alcohol (most government bodies have classed me as a health hazard)
2. What do you like to do for fun?
Computer games, water-based activities, relaxing, creating things and WordPress
3. What colour are your eyes?
?? Never known, never cared and slightly colour blind anyway!
4. Do you like bacon?
Yes; but sadly I don’t cook it much, but on the odd occasion I get to I do so enjoy
5. Do you have a pet? If so, what’s his/her name?
I have a Cactus which is very loyal but extremely anti-social, it’s the only thing that survives my brand of loosely termed ‘caring approach’ which isn’t a good sign for my relationship prospects!
6. What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard recently?
With my loosely termed ‘sense of humour’ I fear most things that shouldn’t be amusing make me laugh but none harder than when someone said ‘there’s someone for everyone’ …this person does not know me
7. What’s your favourite TV show (or book, if you don’t watch)?
BoJack Horseman and Justified… if they can be beaten I doth my cap in respect, and though it isn’t a book I am partial to reading WordPress
8. Have you ever had to actually stop, drop, and roll in a fire?
Not to date but there are plenty of professional fires I’ve had to deal with and a few where I found myself holding the match, totally accidental of course!
9. What’s the first thing you see when you look to your left as you write this?
A mug of tea, I live on tea, tea is the god of all gods and all shall bow to it or be smite with a teabag from the teapot above
10. What’s the first thing you see when you look to your right?
‘The Penguin’ or to laymen’s perceptions my electronic tablet, with a penguin keyring on it for various reasons
11. Do you have a favourite song or artist? If so, what/who is it?
Anything that refences death, suicide or depression which I know will do more than just kill a party but also drive the participants out of ten story windows, but happy love songs make me fill buckets at pace so I’ll accept the price of my musical tastes!

And now the poor saps I am nominating for… (socially aware cognitive processes cutting in) And now for the elated souls I am nominating for this award:

Redacted for reasons of public mental health
Redacted for reasons of public mental health
Redacted for reasons of public mental health
Redacted for reasons of public mental health
Redacted for reasons of public mental health
Redacted for reasons of public mental health
Redacted for reasons of public mental health

Another Blogger’s pics hit the spot

A fellow blogger I have had many in depth exchanges with posted some photos, perfect pictures to make you stop and think

So unless she tells me off for highlighting them via my blog (really hoping I haven’t misread her gender and fucked up that bad!) I thought I would show them off for her

Here is her blog, much recommended: https://psychologistmimi.com/

KW 1KW 2

Just a calm expanse, cool clouds that threaten in the most beautiful of ways and no people or polluting additions to taint the shot


PS: To Mimi …really hope I haven’t pissed you off!