An Observation

                      “Maybe Valentines was created by all the happy horde who couldn’t stomach the sight of bleak nothing for four darkly lit weeks, those accustomed to death without dying content to bask in cold sunshine and relish the lack of pretence this dead month exposes with empty vistas of frozen fields and bare trees”

The View from the Shadows

It’s when happiness hurts you more than despair
That you have fallen into the shadows of where the world rejoices
And are beyond the reach of those who live in the light of happiness
Becoming alien to even those you once called friend
The biggest disappointment felt when lost in that black ocean…
…that death has yet to find you and it hurts more to live than to accept death


“Art is imbued with all the elements an artist wants us to see, each image an illusion of the truth as all we see is what we want, selfish eyes betraying the art’s true idea”
I find that pictures hold the power of escape, each image of a place carries us to where we wish to be and in more abstract or perceptive art it is reflections of the artist, and how we perceive the message we see
For me I find that people ruin an image, every time I see a person in a picture it possesses the whole thing and if your memories of that person are tainted so the image is tainted
Then again, I am a tad off-social!

Bad Advisory Warning!

They said she was bad news
The noose like neckless and buckle heavy shoes
Lesbian bikers would give her a respectful nod
Faffy types commented her language was too crude
They said she was a demon
The preacher when seeing her walk by sprung to sermon

I said ‘I like you dress’
She said ‘say that again and your dead’
And now when they say she is bad news
I show them the wedding ring and say
“I’ll take that bitch from hell over your dumb advice anyday”

Inappropriately Appropriate Humour

Inappropriate Humour:
Laughing when you read “I’d like to preface this with a very staunch explanation that         this has no bearing on intent. I have no plan or intention to harm myself”

Laughing at the above and realising you feel zero guilt!

A big thankyou to a fellow blogger who makes these enchanting illuminations possible;

The Gods in the Shadows

            In the shadows I roam as the other gods of the night
         Nightmares beckon to seek my approval and all bow down
       Each other demon giving a nod and a wink in the edge of the eye
     And never does the thing known as fear ever sink my joy
   But in the light I am but a shadow of the creature I play at been
A figure supporting the torture of my everyday damnation

Graveyard Marriages, Midnight Ceremonies

To her he looked a way to say it all
She had a body and no shovel
He had both and asked if she needed
She agreed they should never meet again
After he dug her a hole, got a morning coffee and bought her fresh bagels
And when the police asked why they never got rid of the shovel
To them it was as close to a wedding ring as each could bare