Temptations Taunt

I do sight an expansive hell of poison wells

When all I seek is the cooling relief of clean water

So to die a deathly slow torture of corrupted pain

Or endure the eventual demise of thirst induced insanity

How does it all crumble to a decision so unfavourable?



Dating Profiles for the Damned

This profile will draw no success, for the lies and truths we spill in honest attempts at finding love have earned no such honour or mercy for their damning returns of emotional death

To hunt the beast so consuming of pain is a thankless task by even the standards of the damned, yet we cram helpless words of fated failure onto electronic pages to be judged by strangers whose idea of us is as a cover of a book, a book a thousand pages and beyond

To scream truth a luckless condemnation yet when we spew lies it only leads to the same fatal silence, a word filled void of anything that in the measure of life means as much of nothing as the screaming truth where we first found condemnation lurking in the lonely dark

A faulted voice in a million cries will find a faded corner of that endless ocean where no one but the ship wrecks and misunderstood throw themselves against the rocks to die

So to love I say you are the greatest treasure that a mortal may possess, or to those who find you lacking are by that void a poisoned group who will drown in sorrows at the bottom of a refilling glass of venom flowing from the grave wound that cuts beyond the measures of depth

And the cosmic joke so laughter filled in the air of all twistedly cruel sorrow; To be surrounded by happy couples and loves sickeningly positive results yet in never relenting attempts to find life’s greatest cure, only find a vodka bottle and be denied the ability to even drink away the wretched taste of soured life

Loneliness a fatal pill to rattle deep in the endless hollow of fated forms so crushed by the loss of hope, yet walking still in stunted step to the marching beat set by those better blessed and forced to hunt the heart shaped beast to no avail

From whence it crawled, the fated Keep

​So to whence souls sink we sight a jaded keep, all a chorus of screams seduction to what better tempered hath mercilessly bleed to seal what slithers deeper within

Sanities lingering presence hauntingly cackles a fractured melody to take cold to newly icy depths, where within that creature sealed greedily mauls those foolish enough to wish to see thier reflected sins

All sins a flesh of twistedly framed corrupting bed, as into her sheets seethes damnations very most disturbing grin, the corners so turned of that hell reflecting smile as to say ‘come in’
A man’s remorseful yelp at the painfully consuming sting of a tail so insidiously severing his heart filled joy and happy will

Love now done with a discarding ruthless kick of coldly bone cracking heels into a shattered form of flesh, the hopeless scream of that mortal wetch a seductive siren, so subsinctly pitched as to draw in those foolish  enough to wish to see reflected in her emotionless pits thier dreamily conjured notions of what tempts lesser men

As all who crawl away broken desperately warn others not to sample the dark arts of love

How to silence diner partys and cause offence!

​If like me you are Clinically single, this should make you laugh

But if you are in the company of normalised couples merrily finishing each other’s sentences, say this to cause maximum offence

But don’t complain to me when you are left for dead by all who know you for sake of the silence you just condemned the room too!

“A man, a donkey and a bride walk into a pub

Landlord asks; What’s this about

The man says; I wanted to make a bigger arse of myself than this donkey so I got married!”

You have bieng warned….

The Women doth play

Edges of angst in the eye of darkness from a perfection afflicted form makes its way to wander vast over landscapes of the wooden vista, her monument to that liquor stained vista a singularly glass of poison that merely differs from the other acidic compounds on offer by means of a name.

He travels distance to infinite with a look carried way beyond the brick walls, corralling him and every other drunken excuse of humanity failed by the very core of that meaningless cause.

Even though she carries a heavy willed shackle in the construction of a wedding ring there lacks the promise of that deeper connection with the ever fading shade who placed it there, so slow a second ticking mile style fashion the womanly silhouette shuffles sexily over to this nights target/prize.

From casually purposeful glances on regularity of a paranoid’s clock he glances the red satin coated warning of a women’s form slinking between the bleakest shadows, a shark shamed by comparative measure to how subtle the lacking noise of her approach employs.

A look, a glance, a casual piece of visual artistry to covert the serious nature beneath what most would confer to be a drunkards turbulent ocean like drifting stare, he sees but plays the ice cube to resist startling what she wishes to imply much to what dangerously attracts her attention even more.

Perfection in her form as only a razor could lackingly compare holds as much danger as that said blade, the husband so disturbingly shifting on a bar stall shows just what wholeness the jealously consumes him with but for one touch of her lips so potentially vicious a beating from her aggressively posed husband would falter to threat as a cost to pay.

Maybe this one would best the beast she married and whisk her so theatrically away, with so provocatively motioned a drop of her hotel key into the somewhat deliberately provided pocket of a jacket swung so slightly with glaring intent in the direction she softly sways.

The bitch plays callous style to manipulate the delicate persuasion of both sides of two men’s emotional states with such an obviously understated play, but for the devil in red satin attire to belay the statuesque danger beneath thinly veiling fabric he would gamble his soul


The barman a common spectator to this nightly show shows not in grimly stony features the fact that after all is fought with furious fists and air colouring words, that the animalistic passion the women holds in feverishly steady state will bless him a nightly choir of screams in the backroom, as with freshly creeping light over morning dew she is as smoke fading in a fires dying hue.

As from self inflicted peril of both cruelly intended entertainment and romantically twisted dreams of ill inspired source, that barman is as ever the one to rescue and claim her from what self sought salvation she seeks in the arms of a man.

Emotional Oceans+

To oceans, to the mercy of the winds
To waters, too deep to see the depths
To you, into your eyes I descend
To love, the method by which I willingly drown

An addition from a familiar name in my comment box
“Unless the buoyancy of love saves me
otherwise…I am fish fish food”