The Words of a Less Wise Man Pt2

When you repeatedly rebuild empires out of ruins

Ingenuity walks astride with creativity in constant rumble

Imagination a force beyond what better blessed can comprehend

When corrupted by darker initiatives in the hour of storms

**    **   **

I was but a moral in the eye of a fitful storm

Words a plenty in the insatiable ravages of all the chaos this vessel bore

Saints so fallen and given to the bottle an eluded cure, for which the dagger bleeds a sonnet in waters corrupted by tainted lies


The Words of a Less Wise Man Pt1

The curse of a memory torn into the very fabric of a personality’s frame

When all the ruptured fragment conjures is a contrasting image to the projection we wish to dream

**    **   **

Hate is merely love with a knife in its hand

Love is just a bar steward with a knife behind its back

**    **   **

Conflict consumes resources such as sanity and stability

So do not deride a world weary man who is at war with his nature


Sense of Humour?!

The frog was wise, the frog was great

The frog knew Latin and sampled wine

The frog had lessons in music

And could play a tune

But when it came to swimming

It failed and sank

— <^> —

Duck, someone’s throwing a duck

— <^> —

He was the best of frogs

He was the worst of frogs

And he was very tasty in that mushroom sauce!

— <^> —

He saw a flea, the flea was drunk

When asked why it said ‘I was just having a pint, then two’

‘I know’ said the man ‘you’re floating in my drink’

A Mercs Remourse Pt2

Part 1

Joe allowed himself a smile, the wicked flash of a further contorted grin that came from a part of him that defied any sense of ‘good’ or ‘justice’ still remaining “When the people’s and governments, no wrong words, COWARDS of this galaxy seek to avoid responsibility I’m the one they expect to decide the fates of entire civilisations” so clinically spoken that Harmack could be seen reeling from the lack of emotion “men like me would like nothing better than to relax, count our money and have trophy wives who throw lavish parties, but….”

Harmack sensed tension creeping into Joe’s voice, as subtle as a cool breeze on a summer’s day or a razor slicing through flesh, the latter seeming more relevant after knowing this man for less than a day as Harmack could tell that tension came from something very old, very deep and very deadly.

Joe had taken another sip, more to settle the ancient venom than the dramatic effect it had, prevent his relentless fury been released in too pure a form would be a better understanding, this was all helped by the fact Harmack had remained respectfully silent at last “Men like me, sixty years ago I would have laughed at such a phrase” the eighty year old looking not a day over thirty five continued “men like me have assassins creep into their homes and murder their families because they might be a threat, sleep with guns in hand in case…” tension twisting into the bitterest resentment as Joe’s face twisted with rage “and who in the absence of love have only bitterness, pain, wrath so warped by time it becomes who we are because it’s all that survives the seasons of change” the hand no longer floating over the gun, it gripped it like a grieving victim held onto the last happy memories of a loved one.

Harmack hated Joe still, that urge to kill him after only witnessing half a day’s worth of torture still held strong, but now there was a level of curiosity born of the solid intension that Harmack would never become that jaded. His next words were born as much from that curiosity as they were of the original hatred “Then why haven’t you just put that fancy gun to your head and pulled the trigger?” Joe’s resulting laughter only furthered Harmack’s belief he was seriously unhinged.

“That’s the same question I ask myself every waking moment, and as you seek so intently to know the unwanted answer” leaning across the table slightly, hushed volume to ensure Harmack was completely focusing, straining to hear Joe’s next words “because it’s been written into every corrupted, manipulated and distorted cell of my body to survive, the perfect weapon has to be protected not from the world, but itself” Joe leaning back in his chair again, the remains of his freshly replenished drink disappearing in one solid gulp.

Harmack was still trying to work out a response when Joe abruptly stood up, gun by his side as if it refused to be holstered “Where are you going? We’re not finished, I’m not finished” stammered Harmack “we still haven’t discussed what we’re going to do with the information you got us” a reconsidering pause later “the information you tortured out of the suspect for us”.

Joe smiled, but not that dangerous grin or a genuine display of amusement and happiness, this time it was the jaded curl up of one side of his mouth “When you’re in my position, doing my job, you’ll have no one to help you make those population affecting life and death decisions” the smile fading back into the uncaring facade Joe had begun the conversation with “may as well get use to it now” and with that he left.

Harmack wanted to believe everything he had heard was a lie, a fabrication of reality from the jaded mind of a killer but he knew…

Before Joe’s words of harsh realities Harmack had at least the notion of honour and justice but now, now the vagueness of his bosses orders and lack of any real instructions brought Joe’s words back in force. He wasn’t sure what scared him most, the idea of becoming another ‘Joe’ or that his bosses already thought of him that way.

A Mercs Remourse Pt1

A somewhat indulgent write, forgive its occasional rawness and lacking style

“I have lived three lifetimes, survived wars across the stars, and now I must again justify my reasons to someone who has yet to taste the true meaning of what it means to be a real hero” Joe scornfully observed, the boy sitting opposite barely out of his thirties and still with a light in his eyes, the darkened orbs that glared from Joe’s deadly expression burning the meaning of his words into the criminally naive agent across the table.

With fire and wraith rushing through his veins Harmack could only take Joe’s coldly spoken statement as an excuse, some pitiful way of explaining away the unforgivable events that just unfolded “He was just disillusioned, a misfit looking for an outlet, you didn’t have to..” the images now forever burned into his memory rendered him unable to even describe the atrocities this monster had carried out. Harmack’s volume increasing with the agitation that manifested itself in his restless manner “I could have you executed on sight for what you did, and I would relished pulling the trigger” the words delivered sounded less of a threat, more ‘verbalising his intention’.

The genetic and mental programming built into his very being maintained an appearance of calm, Joe feeling more pity than anger towards his less experienced colleague “That man knew his actions, when my blade dug into his flesh it was justified, that bullet at the end” pausing to callously sip his drink, a perfectly calm breathe “more than he deserved, considering” remorse lacking, guilt? there was no hint of anything escaping his stony features.

Harmack was trying to hold back the dark urges that drove his lust for justice, the lust with which he wanted to put this monster down, on the spot, only held back by the knowledge that he wouldn’t have been the first to try “You injected him with that serum before… it’s designed to increase the chances of survival on the battle field, but how you used it… unforgivable barely covers it” energetically rising from his chair as the torrent of rage that was Harmack’s voice shouted down upon the creature who would be lurking behind any nightmare he would ever have from this day on, Joe visible unmoved.

The thin veil between Joe’s cold-hearted calm and opposing ancient venom, so rich in pain it would put the best vintages to shame, held fast “Making that criminal feel the pain tenfold, every time I cut into him, nothing but a speck within the sphere of my career” Harmack retreated to his chair, something to do with the fact Joe had drawn his weapon and intently rested it on the table “I’ve burnt entire landscapes with weapons that are illegal just by their mere mention, killed without control over my actions for aliens that acted as a god” a sly grin introducing his next considered words “and for this planet you call, the one I so sparingly call a home I hath sacrificed it all, and you call me to order for one terrorist’s demise” his hand threateningly floating over the gun aimed towards Harmack, Joe grinned as he considered the twisted humour of his last statement.

Harmack felt something stronger than the torrential rage that rested so close to the surface, infecting his every word, that something stronger the only thing forcing him to take a calmer posture when faced by such coldness of character that Joe displayed. Harmack’s next words were cruelly constructed to get his point across, without getting a bullet for his troubles! “Who gave you the right to decide his fate, the fate of those ‘landscapes’ you’ve burned?” at last Joe’s facade showed cracks, even if those cracks revealed something more terrifying.

Continued in Part 2

Quotes from a social media and beyond… Pt3

“When they say don’t mix drugs and alcohol, just consider the angels who let me be created must have been on some vodka, cocaine, acid trip!”

“I will be blissfully relieving myself of  conscious thought with a drink this weekend, if anyone wants to join me I recommend you get to the bar before I drain it”

“Hung myself already, death just laughed and left me living
The bar steward has a sense of humour”

Quotes from a social media and beyond… Pt2

My parents have three grown up bundles of Hell, each I think they will happily part from for cash!!
Seriously, I’ve seen the advert in the paper

I have been told that sensitivity towards new parents is vital, but my social filter is fucked!
Don’t worry, my parents labeled that quality ‘Forth rightness’ and asked for an extra fifty squids!!

Quotes from a social media and beyond….. Pt1

“I believe I can fly….
But the doctors disagree
The plaster cast is mighty itchy
And they have me in a padded room with no view”

“Either the ground is moving and small ducks occupy my teapot, or I’m less than fine
See you tomorrow folks, the ducks just did a musical number explaining I need to go back to bed”

“Signs you’re too far gone:
Putting milk in the teapot
Shouting ‘goodnight Seattle’ before shutting your door
Laughing evilly in public

So I respectfully turn my affairs over to the nurses for a while”

I don’t think the doctors believed me when I said I was ok to go home!!

The 14th Pt3

Penguin Day 2

To the clinically cursed singles, anti social specialists and that elitist gathering of time lacking individuals whose lives deny the happy embrace of another, I offer not the damningly discouraging ‘valentines wishes’ or even more drearily so ‘hope you’re spending time with loved ones’…. bucket, razor blade and blissful absence of living temptingly result in that order from such an incendiary mix of putrefying remarks.

I refer your much besieged higher functions to that hallowed of occasion’s event ‘Penguin Day’ where in the finely attired creature resides above the majestic reach of a stunning vista, glass in hand, and signals respectfully to the grandest mother of them all for her natural beauty, nature. With only the blessed company of those he/she feels worthy to share the epic moment, not a corrupting drip of poisonous emotion branded into pleasant society as the deceptively simple ‘Love’ or forth warningly as ‘romance’ (I shudder at the most meagre reference to those demonic words) to ruin the mood.

So raise a glass of choice with me as we see this year’s overly sized and reddened heart shaped misery subside into another year’s memory, and should you feel the wish/necessity to refill said glass of salvation, I’m right there with you!

To those whose scorn positively pours upon the screen with malice aimed at how I do slander the name/curse of ‘Love’ I offer only the hope that any who do not find fault in my words will find their black hearted companion before the twelve month countdown painfully ticks and tocks its way to this time in 2017, so they too can revel in merriment of another’s company for the viewing of that grandiose vista under the starry sky.

So Happy Penguin Day folks