Words from the anti-social sub current Pt 1

I’m not anti-social, no matter how the offended may cry… As to whether it be in response to my balanced words or just to make hell for me to pay!

I’m just a tad allergic to 99% of the people I’ve met, and the socially bludgeoning horde…. That for the sake of survival I have to painfully endure

Untitled 2 02/07/15

I hath tasted twisted fruits from the maligned bark of corruption born trees, such fruit a glow with tastes to delight the appetite of the soul to bring to paradise the most fatally jaded of our darkened brethren, that shelter under the hidiously creeping branch’s of corruption’s growth

I choose not to turn my tainted eyes to gaze on what I know lies within the blood red sap, the bitter juices of the fruit that corrodes my senses into blissful thought, a chasm far from the depressive taunts of a life so cruel

Until the price of a loved one that has foolishly attempted rescue with the boldest of valiant steps, into the chasms unending blackness I am forced to watch them swallowed in the name of my cause, once hopeful whispers fading into endless despair as I stand upon the traitors fall

My own twisted nature, maligned skin that turns to creeping bark as a bargain is signed in sinful nature to save the sacrifice, one last redemption as for a lifetime I thankfully see loved ones restored, age and to the ground be peacefully returned

My roots to feed off their fading flesh as from bone the ground degradingly tears it to feed the corrupted seed I hath become, lifeless arms become creeping branch’s to offer twisted fruit, an endless forest of wasted lives that for the price of a bite hath joined our cursed ranks

Untitled 1 02/07/15

A Bad Night Pt2: How deep the rabbit hole goes WARNING: THIS AIN’T HAPPY FLUFFY CRAP

So, you’re tapping out!
Life got y’down one too many times and even looking in the mirror gives you sweetly fatalistic thoughts of purest revulsion, having to look at yourself makes you regret your own continued existence.

1. Is this latest attempt merely the half a dozen pills you just swallowed talking? and will the paramedic believe it was an accident?!, a ‘misreading of the dosage’ as you will word it; “I thought it said two packets instead of two caplets, honest”!

2. Are you alone…. You’re about to kill yourself so having an audience makes it just plain macabre/new age theatre, have the decency to save the wife and kids finding a lifeless corpse in your place, a lot better to be a stranger… Unless you have no wife and kids, thus the current life choice.

3. Did you at least pick a decent hotel to die in, no one wants to check out in a ‘No tell motel’ that has imitation pillow mints… Just plain ugly! And on that line of thought did you get two nights and leave a do not disturb sign on the door, make sure no one can revive you in the morning and ruin the moment.

4. Have a friggin laugh, whatever god you believe in sure as hell is laughing so go wild and crack a fucking joke, die smiling!!

5. Be a good looking corpse, ask yourself this; Who wants to find a body in an awful pair of faded jogging bottoms and a ketchup stained T-shirt? Go break out the Sunday best and impress them all, you won’t see the looks on their faces but you know they’ll be less bummed out.

And shave, shower and smarten yourself up will you, take some pride in your death!

5. The Note, I don’t care what you blame it all on but get the fucking grammar right, nobody wants their big reveal ruined by a missing coma or a misspelt word, also avoid auto-correct on smart phones if you’re too lazy to hand write it “I can think of s reason to live amy more” just plain ruins it.

6. The last ditch phone call… If the person on the other end points out you’re not in a ‘right mind’, reach down the phone and slap them cause that’s just stating the fucking obvious!

A Bad Night Pt1: I started writing a dating proile, I got this!!

A man’s silence is as heavy as his tomb
Let this be the epitaph of my hopes and dreams
A mere postponement of the end
To release me from the constant pain
A sentence dealt before the crime
The crime of living in a world
A world at odds with what I am

I would prefer my unpleasantly ghoulish reflection in the bottom of a shot glass, than the self loathing creature that stares back disparagingly from the mirror I preferably avoid, for years it has threateningly lingered behind the despairing pits I benignly refer to as eyes.

The damningly positive lure of a vodka rich bottle would sooth the demons tongue that so blissfully whispers in my ear, yet cursedly I am even denied the will to drink such sweetly liberating poisons that flow from the bottle, mixing with the imaginary pills I have so often swallowed for release in my day dreams, that I wish I could take in fatalist fashion.

An end to having to see my own face, sampling the soured brew of life that has been tainted so putridly by the lasting sting of loneliness, for when hatred for life hits the senses with sledge hammer style my only thought is this; “If I wake up in the morning, it’ll be a morning too far”

Warriors Curse PT3

The warrior stares into the horde, eyes burning with hate and rage, he cries in unholy tones ‘I am but a shadow of myself, so why do you torment me so for you have taken all that makes me a man’ but the horde just moves forward in rhythmic chaos

As his bloody rapier cuts through the swarm he feels himself become another jaded ghost, as the light he seeks is clouded by the storm he knows will hit him soon, yet in faded form with no path to follow he slashes more viciously in revenge for his life once content, now lost

‘I may be a ghost, lost in the mist of endless night, but my blade is sharp and my mercy slain’ he calmly states, as the hope he keeps inside dies a little more with each second he is denied the dream of peace in a world of pain