The Fatal Night

It begins oh so serenely on that star laden eve, a cover of light lacking darkness to hide this sinfully damned scene

All strolls along smoothly in a carefully choreographed cascade, till the dagger enters flesh swiftly in a manner that would make the word sabotage silently weep

To the fall a misstep carries the fated form to whence even demons do drunkly scream, a bar on your lonesome to mark as a gravestone happiness’s tomb

The damned do fit the fated bottle an awesome treat, as would a stream of blood from my fatally sliced wrist


He hath cast his will to the point it all depicts

A slightly slight of fated acts

The wheels to where he is bound will mark with stone a pit

As all his worth is refined into collections of words peppered with mournful wit

The Bleak Tome; Extracts

If all around are islands

I am a kingdom of my own

The things that life hath cursed me

Only the walls of my construction

Can possible hope to contain

 — * — * —

Twist the knife so deep as to bleed into your own death

Given all I know is misery, do not be concerned if I smile

But do be afraid if I laugh

 — * — * —

Your demons are yours to deal with alone

For mine are off a nature to have turned my heart to stone


Going Dark

Going Dark:

An unexplainable lack of any form of above basic presence, communication and availability from a person for an undisclosed time that is triggered without warning, often brought on by an unpredictable event in life that destabilizes a persons grasp of life, reality and overall sanity.

Or in the case of an unstable personality or anti-social character, whenever the fuck it happens because it/they want it to!

An extremely annoying act which is very rude, unless you are use to that particular person pulling a disappearing trick, again…