Damnations Mark

Scar the line beneath the mark
The one in blood and sand
So all who cross do know
Here resides damnation so dark


The Fatal Night

It begins oh so serenely on that star laden eve, a cover of light lacking darkness to hide this sinfully damned scene

All strolls along smoothly in a carefully choreographed cascade, till the dagger enters flesh swiftly in a manner that would make the word sabotage silently weep

To the fall a misstep carries the fated form to whence even demons do drunkly scream, a bar on your lonesome to mark as a gravestone happiness’s tomb

The damned do fit the fated bottle an awesome treat, as would a stream of blood from my fatally sliced wrist


He hath cast his will to the point it all depicts

A slightly slight of fated acts

The wheels to where he is bound will mark with stone a pit

As all his worth is refined into collections of words peppered with mournful wit

The Bleak Tome; Extracts

If all around are islands

I am a kingdom of my own

The things that life hath cursed me

Only the walls of my construction

Can possible hope to contain

 — * — * —

Twist the knife so deep as to bleed into your own death

Given all I know is misery, do not be concerned if I smile

But do be afraid if I laugh

 — * — * —

Your demons are yours to deal with alone

For mine are off a nature to have turned my heart to stone