Warriors Curse PT3

The warrior stares into the horde, eyes burning with hate and rage, he cries in unholy tones ‘I am but a shadow of myself, so why do you torment me so for you have taken all that makes me a man’ but the horde just moves forward in rhythmic chaos

As his bloody rapier cuts through the swarm he feels himself become another jaded ghost, as the light he seeks is clouded by the storm he knows will hit him soon, yet in faded form with no path to follow he slashes more viciously in revenge for his life once content, now lost

‘I may be a ghost, lost in the mist of endless night, but my blade is sharp and my mercy slain’ he calmly states, as the hope he keeps inside dies a little more with each second he is denied the dream of peace in a world of pain


Warriors Curse Pt2

As the warrior draws breath, in-between battles and conflict, he cries with unholy tones ‘Show yourself demons, and be named’ as fresh hordes besiege him

The demons only he knows await his fall, as he looks on with resentment at those soldiers who have won their war, with the spoils that have been awarded them

But somehow with only shreds of faith he fights on, his sword sustaining him ‘Bring forth your hordes and I shall fell them’ he cries as the battle continues, and what little hope he has left is pushed further down

Knowing only that life will one day run out of excuses to deliver what he knows he deserves, even if by then he is broken and bloody, able only to laugh for a moment before his end

Warriors Curse Pt1

As his enemies swarmed the warrior cries, ‘I am no hero, you are no saints, cross this line and my steel will be your end’ as with his stained blade he scores the ground

The enemy charges, many fall, lesser men run as the more skilled meet their match

The warrior falls, cold metal in his chest ‘Well done my friend, for you have caused my end’ he defiantly laughs, ‘now as the new champion you have to defend the line’

The new champion turns to see the horde, and rescores the line ‘I have taken my victory, at the inevitable cost of my life’, as he becomes the punch line to the joke that upon him life has played

One in a long line of men defeated by their own pride, for great it is to know victories prize, the price is to lose it to another at the cost of your life