Gods of the Night

A fronting the figure in shadows clad
All else in the room on bended knee
Or with screams and high pitched complaining make their way out
The lone man stands with bottle in hand
A glass not quick enough to deliver his poison of choice
“How doth you stand in calm posture and without a frown or worried crease”
The shadow bellows to further draw fear from the fallen crowd
“A bottle was the barman’s gift, a broken heart given by unfaithful wife”
The drunkard speaks with barely a raised tone or respectful hint
“Now a figure dark and drawn of shadows begs I give him that which whores and merchants bestow on lesser men”
The shadowy figure raises a fireball in left hand, in the right a vengeful fist
“I am the flame in hellion stare, the sharpness that pieces flesh, you will…”
But with disrespecting interruption, a shocking act, the drunkard speaks
“Well, sounds like you’re pissed off and without a date, so join me in a drink”
The figure withdraws his fiery projectile, turns to the barman and says
“Fetch us another bottle, and make it quick”
With a sly grin to the drunkard
“Have you ever seen a rich man work or a princess dance?”
Drunkard merry on alcohol and the high of a false spirit of strength
“You give some of your powers, I’ll show you a rich mans blood, a princess doing more than dance”
And in that night the god of drink was created and the tavern erupted into life
The figure of shadows clad, the god of mischief, a fellow trickster he had found


Warriors Verse Pt2

‘I was once innocent of life’ said the warrior to the priest, ‘I was once a warrior’ said the priest

‘I find myself a man upon his church, as on the battlefield I stand’ said the warrior ‘my god is one without mercy and my bible is the sword’

‘As into my temple you stumble, beaten and broken’ the priest exclaims ‘now you demand redemption for all the blood you have spilled’

‘No more than you priest, in the days before your vows’ the warrior replies ‘so give me forgiveness, so in death I may find peace, or leave me as heavens fool’

‘I shall ease your passing, so into the realms beyond your soul may pass ’ the priest cast his words ‘so that in this life you may be forgiven, and by the angels be dammed’

Warriors Verse Pt1

The chaos around him was but a distraction, the lives ruined and removed, a mere hindrance

Deaths shadow having become his own, a gift as his target lay broken and damned

Barely resembling the warrior he was before, full of hope and fire, now hollow with anger

As in the name of vengeance, he landed his blade, in the name of vengeance his quest reached its end


Then his eyes were opened, no longer blinded by pain

The chaos around him, lives ruined and shamed, deaths shadow having consumed him

Leaving only a burned out soul, as in the name of revenge, he had caused his fall


And as he fell out of memory another soul was caught

In the wake of all that had transpired was a fresh victim, having claimed the anger stained blade from his father’s body, not yet cold


Corrupting powers found a new pawn as another warrior was gripped by vengeance pure