The Lady and the Thief PT2

Part 1

And though you may hear my words and think I cast upon love such an evil taint

That I would sever hands held in honest states as a butcher would with his cleaver a piece of meat

You know not how painful it is for those with no hope to see couples hop and skip with lightened feet


For those without a heart with its happy beat as we find many that share the curse of our thief

To play upon cupids harp such music that could in happiness would make even death’s angels weep

Serves only to rub the acidic salt into wounds that have long been tender and run cavernous deep

Or like our lady in fevered sleep be haunted by past sins that have corrupted with a poison so sweet


I see in the crowd those that listen not of my words filled with wisdom that only the broken know well

In their eyes burns something purer that with blessed memories they feel will keep them safe

Yet I see only the foolish blind that without care would place their foot in the trap of sincere lies


But I dwell too much on the negative and like the endless stare lose sight of the message I do preach

As we all hunt the thing that acts as a silver bullet to kill our demons and bring the promise of peace

For some it is a thing of social graces and dancing in which we avoid treading on our partners feet

For others it is seeking a fellow ghost so that they can find venom as pure as the one they possess

The Lady and the Thief PT1

Listen now my hallowed company for I must advise with haste
This tale of love I sow is less common than a snowflake on a summer eve
And as that snowflake would take flight of its form and be gone in jest
So for you would loves sweet flavour as like the apple turned would bitter your taste

I see in thee the echoes of the thief of old tales that stand to haunt men’s sleep
But stay your blade for to slander is not how my words are meant and to tease I have no intent
I see in him your fate as through life’s cruel trick he was cast from light into shadows grip
As with a poison love he was struck unable to hold happiness for more than a moment brief
The resulting pain cursing him to be a man without heart tormented by a hunger deep

I see you frown and display such pity for this thief with which the most solid oak would weep
True this man had little to keep him upon straight paths with his darkened form and creeping feet
As into the ladies chamber our character creeps to steal her happiness in a betrayal so deep

But this hollow figure of little repent was healed not with a kiss or the beauty of her sleep
But in darkened rays of an even colder place than he possessed as into her poison heart he reached

Part 2