A Quick step out of hell, a Fox Trot into heaven

One step forward

One step back

A hot step to dodge the bullet

A quick pivot to dodge the blade

A double jump out the frying pan

A snap back out of the flames

The demons on the dancefloor

Are hot stepping it like a beast

The angels looking sweeter

Even if the club is hotter than hell

So one step forward

And two steps back

For the art of survival

Is a feat of footwork

To impress John Travolta himself!

Fated for a Fail


There’s an eye in the mirror

A beast in its glare

The fiery pits that burn there

Are akin to the place I lost my soul

And ain’t no one left to care

If my gaze turns a hotter shade of crimson

A brighter flare of rage

The reason you caught my eye in the mirror

A damned scary stare

That’s between you and the fork tongued guy downstairs

A Drink I had, Editted as recomended by another blogger!

Beyound Caring

He reached out a glass my depression did

I felt at home with every condemning sip

And if a dagger in my demons hand appears

In my defence a simple truth I shall repeat

Without my unhappiness your quest is void

The life you have on my sadness you have built

Now pour me another and let us chat some more

My soul is heavy with regret and the hour is late