A chat up line!

Lady, you got a fire in your eyes that scares me something good, so I figure the least I can do is buy you a drink


A Quick step out of hell, a Fox Trot into heaven

One step forward

One step back

A hot step to dodge the bullet

A quick pivot to dodge the blade

A double jump out the frying pan

A snap back out of the flames

The demons on the dancefloor

Are hot stepping it like a beast

The angels looking sweeter

Even if the club is hotter than hell

So one step forward

And two steps back

For the art of survival

Is a feat of footwork

To impress John Travolta himself!

Fated for a Fail


There’s an eye in the mirror

A beast in its glare

The fiery pits that burn there

Are akin to the place I lost my soul

And ain’t no one left to care

If my gaze turns a hotter shade of crimson

A brighter flare of rage

The reason you caught my eye in the mirror

A damned scary stare

That’s between you and the fork tongued guy downstairs